About (N)Tumay's



We are a family who lives in Stavanger on the south-west coast of Norway.  

Our names are Monica Lundetræ, Håkon Henne, my sons Johan(’92), Joakim(’95) and Jone(’97).

Håkon’s daughter, Silje (‘96), stays with us every other weekend.


Ever since I was a little girl I have been in love with cats,

and I was so lucky to have the opportunity to grow up with this wonderful animal.

My first meeting with the Norwegian Forest Cat was at my friend Berit Torkelsen,

(N) Quinsy’s, back in 1994. She had a litter of 5 beautiful Norwegian Forest kittens,

and ever since that day I have been fascinated by this wonderful cat.

My first Norwegian Forest cat came from this litter at (N) Quinsy’s.

Her name was IC (N) Quinsy’s Fame Je’Taime - NFO n 09 23.


I got my breeder name, (N) Tumay’s, registered with NRR/FIFE 21.06.1996.


We will focus on health, temper, look and well typed Norwegian Forest Cats.

All our cats live with us as fully family members. Since we are a small cattery we will only have 1-2 litters each year.


We built a cat run in our garden in 2006. The cats love to be outside in the cat run.

We also like to be outside in the garden, we both like flowers and gardening. Take a look at our garden here.


We hope you will enjoy your stay at our website.

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IC S*Pole Position’s Canary Wharf ”Buttie”






Feel free to contact me


Monica Lundetræ

Havørnbrautene 41

N-4049 Harfsfjord



tlf: +47 51 59 26 03

mob: +47 46 90 10 19

e-mail: mon.cim@online.no