S*NC’s Soul Deep , NFO n 09 23

Born 22.07.2011





8 mnd


6 mnd

Soul Deep came to us in October 2011. Since then he has charmed us with his friendly, calm and easy going personality.

He makes friends with everyone.

I followed this litter since they were born and fall in love with Soul Deep from the first day.

He has a stong boning, nice triangular head shape, BIG ears with nice tufs, nice NFO expression , long tail and for me a super NFO coat!!

We look forward to see how he will develop in the future and hopefully he will be father of some (N)Tumay’s kittens one day….

 We love you Solis


I cannot thank you enough, Susanne and Peo – S*NC’s, for letting Soul Deep be a part of our family








e: CH Drangedal des Iles Lofoten, NFO n 02 21

u: SC S*NC's Words Unspoken, JW, NFO a 09 24