SC  (N)Tumay's Balder

Male,  NFO e 22 cremetabby

Born: 16.07.2007



Sunday 6 June 2010

(N) Tumay’s Balder – SUPREME CHAMPION


We are so proud of you!!!




Balder is the kitten we kept after Buttie from her B-litter. Ever since Balder was born he has been my boys favorite kitten and vice versa.

He has an excellent temper, always happy and ready to play. He is all kittens favorite ”uncle”.

He so kind to them, plays carefully with them and comforts them J.


 Balder has a long body with a long tail and nice triangular head. He loves to be outside in the cat run all year around.  


Love you, Baldus


GSD-IV normal since both his parents have testet normal for GSD-IV