IC S*Pole Position’s Canary Wharf,  NFO fs 09 22


Born: 26.12.2005

Canary Wharf or Buttie as we like to call her came to us in March 2006.

She is the queen in our house. She has a wonderful temper and loves us humans.

She is without questions the boss between the cats and loves to play with Drillo and Inés.

Buttie is a big girl (5.5 kg in Aug 2009) with a long body, nice triangular head, nice ears with tufs, straight profile and lovely NFO expression.

Buttie had her first litter in July 2007. She is a caring and loving mother to her babies.


Thank you, Sandra, S*Pole Position’s, for this wonderful girl.


Love you, big boss


Testet 9.2.2008 Torkel Falk -  HCM normal

normal for GSD-IV