DK*MinorLynx Inès    NFO f 09 22

Born: 23.05.2009

testet normal for GSD-IV   HCM normal


I follow the litter at DK Minorlynx after IC DK Zacs Goodness and SC S*Wildwood Conjac from the day they were born.

I had been looking after a new female for a while and fell in love straight away with this lovely litter and ecpesially beautiful little Inés.

She came to us in August 2009 and has charmed us with her sweet temper.

She loves to cuddle with Balder and love to tear down our house with Drillo

Inés is a heavy boned girl (3,9kg at 8 month), lovely NFO-coat, long tail, straight profile, good chin and nice ears with tufs.

We are looking forward to see how she will develop in the future . She is tested GSD-IV normal.

Thank you Sanne and Jens, DK Minorlynx,  for this very, very special girl.

We love you, Inés